Imran Shah, M.S.

Imran Shah has been with Colorado Associates in Medical Physics (CAMP) since 2017. He specializes in therapeutic medical physics and is certified through the American Board of Radiology.

As a Clinical Medical Physicist, Imran works with various treatment units including, but not limited to, Varian 21EX, Trilogy, and Truebeam Linear Accelerators, Varian Afterloader, Accuray Cyberknife, Tomotherapy, and Pantak Superficial. He has experience with external beam therapies, brachytherapy, HDR planning, prostate seed planting, stereotactic patients, dosimetry review, image fusion and dose accumulation, as well as R&V systems and intraoperative radiotherapy. As a Radiation Safety Officer, Imran completes personnel dose monitoring, radiation safety training, I-131 treatments, and breast seed localizations.

Imran completed his Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics at King College in Bristol, Tennessee. He completed his Masters in Radiological Medical Physics at the University of Kentucky and his Doctor of Health Administration at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Imran is based in Denver, Colorado.

Imran is a mentor for CAMP’s residency program overseeing the “Special Procedures and Advanced Radiation Therapy” rotation. You can find his biosketch here: Imran Shah Biosketch