Curriculum and Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Faculty

1OrientationKyle Woods
2-4Dosimetry IKyle Woods
5-6External Beam IJack Towery
7-8Stereotactic IKiernan McCullough
9-10Brachytherapy INicole Bunda-Randall
11Clinical ResearchJames McCulloch
12Ethics, Professionalism, and Radiation SafetyKate Lofton/Cheri Douglas
13ShieldingKiernan McCullough
14CommissioningOlivier Blasi
15-16Dosimetry IIKyle Woods
17-18External Beam IIJack Towery
19-20Brachytherapy IINicole Bunda-Randall
21-22Stereotactic IIOlivier Blasi
23Special Procedures and Advanced Radiation TherapyImran Shah
24Clinical PracticeKyle Woods

Radiation Oncology Physics Program Director: Kyle Woods, MS, DABR (