Colorado Associates in Medical Physics: Radiation Safety and Health Physics

Our team serves as Radiation Safety Officers for sites from small, outpatient imaging clinics up to large hospital systems. We have certified health physicists on our staff to support the greater team with regular audits, RAML amendments, and general radiation safety questions that arise. We have experience managing the host of challenges that come with radioactive materials licenses including license renewals, license amendments, annual program reviews, and state inspections.

CAMP can oversee your personnel badge monitoring program and perform shielding design and validation as needed. CAMP also has a dedicated survey meter calibration lab in Colorado Springs, allowing us to quickly calibrate your survey meter.

Our staff at CAMP can provide ongoing training for safety issues and machine use, making sure your company stays current. CAMP Academy can be used as an online training resource or in person training sessions may be scheduled for a variety of topics including DOT HAZMAT training and annual Radiation Safety training.

Greg Gibbs giving annual Radiation Safety training