Colorado Associates in Medical Physics: Diagnostic Imaging

CAMP supports a growing team of board certified/eligible diagnostic medical physicists along the Colorado Front Range and on the Western Slope ready to perform equipment performance evaluations and address any questions on image quality, dose optimization, and regulatory compliance in diagnostic Imaging departments. Our physicists are qualified to perform testing on all diagnostic modalities including dental, radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography and tomosynthesis systems.

Imaging departments have seen new challenges arise as regulatory requirements from groups like The Joint Commission and the American College of Radiology increase. Our annual testing on all modalities meets the requirements of these bodies. We also supervise and provide feedback to technologists on quality control (QC) activities.

CAMP is proud to support medical physics 3.0 initiatives and has physicists with specializations in MRI physics, Imalogix implementation, and shielding design on our team. We have expertise performing shielding calculations for all x-ray or radioactive material based applications. We can perform patient and fetal dose calculations upon request, optimize CT protocols, and support PQI initiatives that meet your department needs.

CAMP provides all necessary physics equipment for testing.

Renee Butler performing an Equipment Performance Evaluation
Renee Butler performing an Equipment Performance Evaluation
CAMP provides the following:

Accreditation support (ACR, IAC, TJC, etc.)






Mammography (including tomosynthesis, stereo)

Shielding design and verification

QC program setup and review

Dosimeter badge review

Annual X-ray program audit

Patient-specific dosimetry calculations
(fetal doses, skin dose, etc)