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Our Staff

All of our physicists are certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) in Therapeutic Medical Physics, Diagnostic Medical Physics and/or Medical Nuclear Physics.

Michael J. Bailey, M.S.
Olivier Blasi, M.S
Gyöngyver Bulz, M.S.
Nicole Bunda-Randall, M.S.
Nathan Busse, M.S.
Renee Butler, M.S.
Cheri Douglas, M.S.
Catherine Frame D.M.P.
Stephanie Franz, M.S.
Annie Freeman, MBA
Gregory L. Gibbs, M.S.
Kenneth Harper, M.S.
Mike Heard, M.S.
Brad Lofton, M.S.
Kate Lofton, M.S.
Kiernan McCullough, M.S.
Richard McKeown, M.S.
Imran Shah, M.S.
Courtney Stanley, D.M.P.
Jennifer Stickel, Ph.D.
Gerald A. White, Jr., M.S.