Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our Clients, current and former CAMPers, and the opportunity to continue our contributions in the fields of #medicalphysics & #dosimetry at large. We are genuinely grateful for the privilege to offer patient care in these significant areas. Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving! #medphys #ThanksgivingDay

Arielle has been with CAMP for a year now, and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our team! Thank-you for all you do in #RadOnc #MedicalPhysics, Arielle, and happy #CAMPiversary! #WomenWhoCurie #Medphys

Today we recognize that Mike Heard has spent 5 years with CAMP! Happy #CAMPiversary to Mike; we are grateful for all of your #medicalphysics support in diagnostic imaging! #medphys

On #ThisDayInHistory in 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray. We've been celebrating radiologic technologists all week in commemoration of this discovery and in celebration of the many outstanding rad techs we work with across multiple specialties as diagnostic and therapeutic medical physicists! If you haven't seen it yet, check out our CAMP Academy promotion on our YouTube channel @campphysics for our #RADWEEK special! https://buff.ly/3SiKxgm #medphys #NRTWEEK23 #RadTechLife

Thank your #medicalphysicist today - it's the International Day of Medical Physics! #HappyIDMP to our own team at CAMP and to all the outstanding medical physicists out there in the field~ #medphys #IDMP2023

We are looking forward to the fall meeting of the Rocky Mountain AAPM Chapter this weekend in the Mile High City! #medphys #medicalphysics #RMAAPM To learn more, visit https://buff.ly/3QEAt03 (see any familiar speakers??).

Taylor Swift, aka CAMP's own Nikkie Bunda-Randall, making the rounds in #RadiationOncology yesterday! #trickortreat #happyhalloween #medphys

In case you missed it, AAPM MPPG-14a was recently published on "Yttrium-90 microsphere radioembolization!" Congrats to CAMP's own Nathan Busse and Jennifer Obie Stickel for their contributions to this helpful guideline! Read the full text here: #medphys #nucmed

From delivery to install to CAMP acceptance/commissioning -> Our newest Varian Edge is now ready for a Monday Go-Live! Congrats to the team at Parkview Medical Center on their 2nd linear accelerator ~ #medphys #medicalphysics (pictured: Nicole Bunda-Randall & Shelley Langston-Adams)

Way to go, Shaw Cancer Center! It's a pleasure to work alongside your team in providing high level care to patients.

It's been a great week at #ASTRO23! CAMP is represented by Olivier, Jack, Lori, and Nick and we're looking forward to all the information that will be coming back to the group! #medphys #RadOnc #ASTRO2023 #CAMPrepresent

CAMPer Jack Towery shows off his networking skills with Varian Cosmo in the exhibit hall at #ASTRO23! #medphys #RadOnc

Happy CAMPiversary to Laura Holien! Laura has now supported CAMP for a year in a PRN dosimetrist role, and we've appreciated every bit of dosimetry planning coverage and expertise she has provided. #HappyAnniversary #dosimetry

Hot off the press! AAPM MPPG-15a on Peer Review in Clinical Physics has been published. Congrats to CAMP's own Kate Lofton and to the rest of the authors on creating this new Practice Guideline! #medphys #medicalphysics #peerreview Read the full text here: https://buff.ly/3sUcVdY

Happy Labor Day from your friends at CAMP! #LaborDay2023 #labordayliftoff #LDLO #MedPhys

CAMP always enjoys the annual Colorado State Fair Cowboys Kickin' Cancer event and last night did not disappoint! Learn more about how you can support the Centura St. Mary-Corwin Hospital Foundation benefiting local cancer patients here: https://buff.ly/3KuHb3Q Photo was taken minutes before the sky opened up with a downpour of rain! #medphys #medicalphysics #rodeo 🤠

Some highlights from our weekend CAMPing adventure: Rock-climbing, hiking, and songs around the campfire! #medphys #camping #mountainwest #medicalphysics

These CAMPers and their families had a great weekend on our 6th annual CAMPing trip! #medphys #mountainwest #camping #medicalphysics

Happy #CAMPiversary to Jeff Gordley! One year ago, Jeff joined CAMP as a PRN imaging MPA and he enjoyed it so much he came on as a full time employee this summer! We are grateful for Jeff and the great work he does. #medphys #happyanniversary https://buff.ly/3XStgdO

Happy #MedicalDosimetristDay2023! We are blessed at CAMP to have an outstanding dosi team and to work with many talented #medicaldosimetrists employed by clients across the mountain west! #MedDosKnowsNoBorders CAMP dosimetrists pictured: Jena Burrow, Lori Malenfant, and Deb Hagood (PRN) CAMP dosimetrists not pictured: Rebecca Balmer and Laura Holien (PRN)

Today we celebrate Ramon Li and his first year at CAMP - Ramon joined us as a health physicist and brought with him a wealth of knowledge from his previous work at the state of Colorado! Happy #CAMPiversary, Ramon! #happyanniversary #medphys #healthphysics https://buff.ly/3JqJW7G

Another Annual Meeting in the books - thanks to AAPM and all who helped organize for a great event! #AAPM2023 #medicalphyics #medphys #CAMPrepresent

CAMP at the #AAPM2023 Night Out! #medphys #medicalphysics

Join us today in room 371 at 8:35a to learn more about Safety and Quality Improvements With Peer Review and Program Audits! CAMPer Olivier Blasi has organized an outstanding session with talks by Dr. Yulia Lyatskaya, Dr. Sarah Han-Oh, and CAMP's own Kate Lofton. #AAPM2023 #medphys #medicalphysics https://buff.ly/3OcoXrt

Calling all new #medicalphysicists! Join CAMPer Chelsea Page-Robertson to learn more about starting a new job in #medphys at #AAPM2023 this afternoon at 2:50 in room 371!

We have many team members in attendance at #AAPM2023 this year and are open to networking or interviewing as opportunities arise. Current #medicalphysics opportunities are linked here - https://buff.ly/44TuMPY please reach out to careers@campphysics.com to submit a CV or to be put in touch with a CAMPer at AAPM in Houston! #medphys

We are looking forward to #AAPM2023 in Houston next week! CAMPers who are presenting or moderating are listed below. Please reach out if you are interested in connecting! #medphys #medicalphysics

CAMP's own Gerald White revisits his time as AAPM's 2008 president in this special issue - check it out here!

Work is better when you enjoy your team! We had a great work-family gathering over the weekend where Nathan showed off his pizza making skills and we all enjoyed the results!! #medphys #dosimetry #sweetsummertime #pizza #campphysics #medicalphysics

Happy 4th from your friends at CAMP!

Sending off our 3rd new hire welcome packet this summer - we are excited to have two new #medicalphysicists (in each #RadOnc and #Imaging) and a #dosimetrist starting by the end of July! Interested in what CAMP has to offer? Check out current job postings on our website or connect with us to network at #AAPM2023 in Houston! #medphys https://buff.ly/3akqPxi

It's always fun to share both a love of #medicalphysics and the #greatoutdoors with colleagues in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the AAPM! Here are a few photos of last weekend's #medphys adventure in Moab for the spring meeting.

We are looking forward to spending time in beautiful Moab for the Spring Meeting of the Rocky Mountain AAPM chapter this weekend where CAMP's own Renee Butler will be speaking on CT Protocol and Dose Review! #medphys #RMAAPM #MedicalPhysics #medphysslam https://buff.ly/432qPrR

Congrats to our hometown team of the #MileHighCity, the #DenverNuggets, for their first #NBAfinals win!

A few more photos from another great #AAPMSS as our #medicalphysics participants return to the real world! #medphys #nuclearmedicine

Can you spy two CAMPers at #AAPMSS?! We were able to send a representative from both imaging (Jen Stickel) and therapy (Kyle Woods) #medicalphysics this year to focus on all the latest in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy. #medphys

Remembering why we honor this day as we also enjoy the time off. #HappyMemorialDay #RememberAndHonor

Here at CAMP, we encourage professional development by providing time & resources to our #medicalphysics and #dosimetry team. We are very proud of our team's involvement across AAPM, ACR, ABR and beyond! For a complete showcase, please visit our website, here: https://buff.ly/43pjjXD

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Three of our favorite CAMPers - Jerry, Gyongyver Bulz, and Greg - for your Thursday throwback! #ThrowbackThursday #medphys

Celebrating all nurses this #NursesWeek - thank you for the continuous, loving care you provide our patients!

Tomorrow is #DerbyDay! With a number of CAMPers coming from Kentucky we always enjoy the #KentuckyDerby. This year we'll cheer on Verifying, the 2 horse, whose name represents so much of what our jobs in #medicalphysics entail! #RunBabyRun https://buff.ly/40ZbxC9

We are grateful for these three ladies (Annie, Sara, and Jodi) who help keep us in line here at CAMP and for the many administrative professionals we work with in Healthcare - Happy #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay! #medphys

The 2023 CAMP Madness trophy - 3D printed and modelled after the "Aggro Crag" from Nickelodeon GUTS - has made it to Denver! Congratulations to Arielle Catt, represented here by Ollie Catt, for winning the bracket in her first year with CAMP! #medphys #MarchMadness #dogsoffacebook

It's spring-time in Colorado and these CAMPers made the most of good weather on Shelf Road this past weekend! Photo'd #rockclimbers are Chase, Olivier, Nikkie, and Faraday. #medphys #mountainwest #rockclimbing #teambuilding

CAMPers at #AAPMSCM! Always fun to see each other and to meet with so many great minds in the field. #medphys #SpringClinical23

Join us for the #AAPMSCM afternoon session at 2:00 ET to hear about 'Medical Physicists Forging Their Path Forward in Economics, Practice, and Business' - both CAMP founder, Jerry White, and CAMP VP of Rad Onc, Kate Lofton, were invited to present! #medphys https://buff.ly/40KHcro

Welcome to #AAPMSCM ! Visit with Annie at our booth to learn more about CAMP and the services we offer beyond regional #medphys coverage, including peer review, shielding, CAMP Academy, and (coming soon!) CAMPsight. #MedicalPhysics Booth#307

Happy #DoctorsDay ! At CAMP we are grateful to work with many outstanding physicians across a variety of specialties; thank you for all that you do in the name of patient care! https://buff.ly/2J9bvlM