We're #hiring! Check out what it's like to work for CAMP, below, view current openings on our website, and apply by sending your CV to careers@campphysics.com. #medphys #medicaldosimetry #medicalphysics #mountainwest

What would you do with an 11.7T MRI?! Check out the impressive work of this French-led team and let us know what you think in the comments! #ThursdayThoughts #medphys #medicalphysics #diagnosticimaging #technews #ThinkAboutItThursday

#AAPMSCM Attendees - be sure to check out the 'Therapy: In the Clinic: Short Oral' today! CAMP's Chief of Therapeutic Radiation Physics, Kiernan McCullough, will be giving a presentation on our novel approach to annual QA: https://buff.ly/3TIXJLG #medphys #medicalphysics

The ABR has announced it's three newest Board of Trustee members, and look who is representing nuclear medicine physics! https://www.theabr.org/blogs/board-of-trustees-to-welcome-three-members-after-fall-meeting Jennifer Obie Stickel has a lot to be proud of and we at CAMP are grateful to have her expertise on our team and represented in the greater profession. Congrats, Jen! #nucmed #CAMPrepresent #medphys

#HappyCAMPiversary to James McCulloch! James started with CAMP one year ago as our truly mountain-based therapy physicist in Edwards, Colorado. We are so grateful for James and for the leadership he provides Shaw Cancer Center! #medphys #HappyAnniversary Learn more about James on our website: https://buff.ly/4b2F9VH

We were able to gather together this past weekend and meet as a company in person; it's always fun to learn what is being accomplished across the team! CAMP continued it's tradition of celebrating the holiday season a few months late with an evening dinner and trivia night and fun was had by all! #medphys #HappyHolidays #MerryChristmas

CAMP is proud to give out an award each year at the local Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair, and this year we gave out two! Congratulations to both Jessa Book & Rhianna Williams for their hard work and quality studies - we expect these ladies will go far! #sciencefair #medphys #STEM

On this #NationalLeadershipDay, we are grateful for leadership efforts across our group: Director positions, clinical leadership, committee chairs, and more! Our own Leadership team, highlighted here, sets the tone in making decisions regarding both short term needs and long term vision. #HappyLeadershipDay! #BeALeader #medphys

Our own Nicole Bunda-Randall represented the field of #medicalphysics and CAMP well as she introduced #medphys to students and guests yesterday evening! Thank you to all the speakers and to Pueblo Community College for hosting a great event~

#Cheers to our diagnostic imaging team! These folks practice across multiple specialties, including diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, and health physics. We are grateful for their expertise; they are pictured here enjoying a much deserved happy hour! ~ #medphys #healthphysics #medicalphysics Interested in joining them? We have a couple of positions open; learn more on our website at https://buff.ly/39eFeKs

Interested in learning more about #medicalphysics? Register to hear from CAMP's own Nicole Bunda-Randall and other professionals in #STEM careers this Thursday evening at Pueblo Community College! #Medphys #WomenWhoCurie

These #NucMedTechs at UC Health know just what to do, 'Don't get mad, get Brad!' Their RSO, our own Brad Lofton, arrived to this warm welcome today~ we appreciate our good natured clients as it sure makes our jobs easier! Remember: Don't get mad - get your #medicalphysicist! #medphys #nuclearmedicine

CAMP's CEO, Brad Lofton, has been busy with the Diagnostic Demand and Supply Projection Working Group (DDSPWG) at @AAPMHq in Washington DC this week! Learn more about the group's effort here: https://buff.ly/3urmLoG CAMP encourages it's team by providing resources for professional activity, evidenced by our involvement across the field: https://buff.ly/43pjjXD #medphys #CAMPrepresent #professionalinvolvement #medicalphysics

Today we celebrate Cheri Douglas and her first five years at CAMP! Cheri was our first ever health physicist hire and she has kept us in compliance ever since - we are grateful for Cheri and all the support she gives our team. #HappyCAMPiversary! #RadSafety #HealthPhysics #HappyAnniversary Learn more about Cheri on our website: https://buff.ly/4b8qtUH

This month Chase Mallory is celebrating his first year at CAMP - #HappyCAMPiversary to Chase! Chase joined us out of graduate school as our first therapy MPA and has contributed a wealth of support to our team. We are grateful for his hard work! #medphys #happyanniversary

Today we celebrate Jena Burrow and her first year at CAMP! Jena is our Director of Medical Dosimetry and has done a great job leading our #medicaldosimetrists and getting our program organized. We are grateful to have Jena as a leader on our team! #dosi #medicaldosimetry #HappyAnniversary See Jena's bio on our website: https://buff.ly/3HeJUNW

Happy #MLKday from CAMP~

Jodi Calnan is celebrating a year with CAMP this month and we couldn't be more pleased with her scheduling/administrative support for our team! She has been a great addition to keep our #medicalphysicists in line ~ #HappyCAMPiversary to Jodi! #HappyAnniversary #Admin https://buff.ly/3SaBugZ

Bring it on #2024! May all the new adventures be yours this year~ #HappyNewYear #Happy2024 #medphys

What a year! Please enjoy our #YearInReview for 2023. We are quite proud of our team's recent accomplishments! #medphys #medicalphysics #YearInReview2023 #Happy2024 #happynewyear2024 #2023recap

We wish you each a #MerryChristmas and a #HolidaySeason filled with joy! From all of us at CAMP~ #HappyHolidays #medphys

#ThrowbackThursday to 2008 & 2018 with some holiday spirit thrown in - these three CAMPers (Nicole Bunda-Randall, Kate Lofton, and Imran Shah) go back ~17 years to their graduate school days at the University of Kentucky! #medphys #happyholidays #merrychristmas #UKAlumni

#HappyHolidays from your team at CAMP! #HolidayCard #medphys

We enjoyed celebrating Gyongyver Bulz and her 21 years at CAMP as she begins her retirement! She will be greatly missed at CAMP - but we are thankful she has agreed to stay on as a senior consulting physicist for special projects. #CAMPfamily #medphys #WomenWhoCurie #medicalphysics #radonc

It's #ColoradoGivesDay and it only takes a little to make a big impact. Easily the best day to give. One of the best ways to support cancer patients is through local hospital foundations. Find your favorite non-profit at https://buff.ly/2QgqQD4 or check out the links below for some of our favorite foundations! Vail Health: https://buff.ly/3GrI0td Rose Medical Center: https://buff.ly/3l2WHai UC Health North: https://buff.ly/3GrI1gL SCL Intermountain Health: https://buff.ly/3GrI10f UC Health Memorial: https://buff.ly/3RsiWIz Penrose-St. Francis Hospital : https://buff.ly/3NewcxU St. Mary Corwin Medical Center: https://buff.ly/3KuHb3Q Parkview Medical Center: https://buff.ly/3GrI0JJ San Juan Regional Medical Center: https://buff.ly/47KClKE

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our Clients, current and former CAMPers, and the opportunity to continue our contributions in the fields of #medicalphysics & #dosimetry at large. We are genuinely grateful for the privilege to offer patient care in these significant areas. Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving! #medphys #ThanksgivingDay

Arielle has been with CAMP for a year now, and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our team! Thank-you for all you do in #RadOnc #MedicalPhysics, Arielle, and happy #CAMPiversary! #WomenWhoCurie #Medphys

Today we recognize that Mike Heard has spent 5 years with CAMP! Happy #CAMPiversary to Mike; we are grateful for all of your #medicalphysics support in diagnostic imaging! #medphys

On #ThisDayInHistory in 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray. We've been celebrating radiologic technologists all week in commemoration of this discovery and in celebration of the many outstanding rad techs we work with across multiple specialties as diagnostic and therapeutic medical physicists! If you haven't seen it yet, check out our CAMP Academy promotion on our YouTube channel @campphysics for our #RADWEEK special! https://buff.ly/3SiKxgm #medphys #NRTWEEK23 #RadTechLife

Thank your #medicalphysicist today - it's the International Day of Medical Physics! #HappyIDMP to our own team at CAMP and to all the outstanding medical physicists out there in the field~ #medphys #IDMP2023

We are looking forward to the fall meeting of the Rocky Mountain AAPM Chapter this weekend in the Mile High City! #medphys #medicalphysics #RMAAPM To learn more, visit https://buff.ly/3QEAt03 (see any familiar speakers??).

Taylor Swift, aka CAMP's own Nikkie Bunda-Randall, making the rounds in #RadiationOncology yesterday! #trickortreat #happyhalloween #medphys

In case you missed it, AAPM MPPG-14a was recently published on "Yttrium-90 microsphere radioembolization!" Congrats to CAMP's own Nathan Busse and Jennifer Obie Stickel for their contributions to this helpful guideline! Read the full text here: #medphys #nucmed

From delivery to install to CAMP acceptance/commissioning -> Our newest Varian Edge is now ready for a Monday Go-Live! Congrats to the team at Parkview Medical Center on their 2nd linear accelerator ~ #medphys #medicalphysics (pictured: Nicole Bunda-Randall & Shelley Langston-Adams)

Way to go, Shaw Cancer Center! It's a pleasure to work alongside your team in providing high level care to patients.

It's been a great week at #ASTRO23! CAMP is represented by Olivier, Jack, Lori, and Nick and we're looking forward to all the information that will be coming back to the group! #medphys #RadOnc #ASTRO2023 #CAMPrepresent

CAMPer Jack Towery shows off his networking skills with Varian Cosmo in the exhibit hall at #ASTRO23! #medphys #RadOnc

Happy CAMPiversary to Laura Holien! Laura has now supported CAMP for a year in a PRN dosimetrist role, and we've appreciated every bit of dosimetry planning coverage and expertise she has provided. #HappyAnniversary #dosimetry

Hot off the press! AAPM MPPG-15a on Peer Review in Clinical Physics has been published. Congrats to CAMP's own Kate Lofton and to the rest of the authors on creating this new Practice Guideline! #medphys #medicalphysics #peerreview Read the full text here: https://buff.ly/3sUcVdY

Happy Labor Day from your friends at CAMP! #LaborDay2023 #labordayliftoff #LDLO #MedPhys

CAMP always enjoys the annual Colorado State Fair Cowboys Kickin' Cancer event and last night did not disappoint! Learn more about how you can support the Centura St. Mary-Corwin Hospital Foundation benefiting local cancer patients here: https://buff.ly/3KuHb3Q Photo was taken minutes before the sky opened up with a downpour of rain! #medphys #medicalphysics #rodeo 🤠

Some highlights from our weekend CAMPing adventure: Rock-climbing, hiking, and songs around the campfire! #medphys #camping #mountainwest #medicalphysics

These CAMPers and their families had a great weekend on our 6th annual CAMPing trip! #medphys #mountainwest #camping #medicalphysics

Happy #CAMPiversary to Jeff Gordley! One year ago, Jeff joined CAMP as a PRN imaging MPA and he enjoyed it so much he came on as a full time employee this summer! We are grateful for Jeff and the great work he does. #medphys #happyanniversary https://buff.ly/3XStgdO

Happy #MedicalDosimetristDay2023! We are blessed at CAMP to have an outstanding dosi team and to work with many talented #medicaldosimetrists employed by clients across the mountain west! #MedDosKnowsNoBorders CAMP dosimetrists pictured: Jena Burrow, Lori Malenfant, and Deb Hagood (PRN) CAMP dosimetrists not pictured: Rebecca Balmer and Laura Holien (PRN)

Today we celebrate Ramon Li and his first year at CAMP - Ramon joined us as a health physicist and brought with him a wealth of knowledge from his previous work at the state of Colorado! Happy #CAMPiversary, Ramon! #happyanniversary #medphys #healthphysics https://buff.ly/3JqJW7G

Another Annual Meeting in the books - thanks to AAPM and all who helped organize for a great event! #AAPM2023 #medicalphyics #medphys #CAMPrepresent

CAMP at the #AAPM2023 Night Out! #medphys #medicalphysics