Jodi Calnan

Jodi Calnan started with CAMP in 2023 as the CAMP Office Manager.

Jodi is originally from Oregon, growing up on the water where each season brings new adventures from exploring the tide pools at the coast to rafting the Rogue River, and boating or ice fishing the lakes all while partaking in completive swimming and lifeguarding throughout her school years. She came to visit a friend in Colorado in 2010, and never left. Jodi and her husband have two small kiddos who keep them on their toes.

As a young girl Jodi dreamed of working in the Veterinary field and spent about 6 years working in various fields, quickly discovering the technician component and being responsible for actual life was not her forte.  However, she enjoyed the administrative work related to the field. In 2014 she switched over to ‘human medicine’ and found joy in the challenge of learning the quirks of insurance companies, provider-patient-facility liaison, and patient care management.