Len Coutinho, M.S.

Len started with CAMP in 2024. He specializes in therapeutic medical physics and is certified through the American Board of Radiology.

As a clinical medical physicist, Len has more than 18 years of clinical experience. His work in the field of medical physics began in 2005 in Proton Radiotherapy in Bloomington, IN. His responsibilities have ranged from commissioning several proton therapy machines to assisting in the development of the treatment planning systems, such as the initial versions of RayStation and the carbon code for Monaco that is currently used in Japan. In conventional radiation therapy, his experience includes routine clinical work, as well as the development of treatment protocols, QA procedures, and post-intervention acceptance. Len has performed acceptance and commissioning of a surface guided system for the treatment machines as well as the system for a CT scanner with 4D capabilities. He is proficient in the use of SDX for DIBH patient treatment and CT acquisition. In addition, he has been involved in investigative projects related to the radiobiological effectiveness of protons.

Len’s work in the last few years also involve work in conventional therapy. Specifically, he has helped fully commission a TrueBeam system. He works with Velocity and MIM softwares for fusions, dose summation of previous irradiation cases. He also works with Eclipse (VMAT, IMRT, 3DCRT and electron plans), including SBRT cases. He performs dosimetry verification of Ir-192 sources in the Flexitron and Varisource HDR brachytherapy afterloaders, as well as the daily check of the HDR suite. He has had some experience while shadowing physicists while performing treatment planning procedures of several HDR cases using cylinder, T&O, and SAVI.

Len is proficient in TG-142 for daily, monthly, and annual quality assurance, as well as TG-51 for absolute calibration of linear accelerators. He is also proficient in patient specific quality assurance using ArcCheck and ion chambers, and proficient in routine quality assurance of CT scanners based on TG-66 protocol.


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