Mike Heard, M.S.

Mike Heard has been with Colorado Associates in Medical Physics (CAMP) since 2018.  He specializes in diagnostic medical physics and is certified through the American Board of Radiology.

As a Medical Physicist with CAMP, Mike completes medical physics support including data acquisition and analysis, documentation, software development, and research support.  He is a qualified inspector for Colorado and completes performance testing on multiple imaging modalities including general radiology/fluoroscopy, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, PET, CT, mammography, and MRI.

Mike completed his Bachelor of Science in Physics at California State University at Bakersfield and his Master of Science in Medical Physics at University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

Mike is a member of the Board of Radiology Medical Physics Online Learning Assessment Exam Production Committee and is part of the AAPM Committee Working Group on Standardization of CT Nomenclature and Protocols.

Mike is based in Denver, Colorado.

Mike Heard BioSketch